3 Reasons You Don’t Have the Furniture on Pinterest

Pinterest is a great place, don’t get me wrong.


Ever wondered why its so hard to find colorful and vibrant furniture/home decor like those found on Pinterest? As a generation of creatives, we’re inclusive, independent, and won’t take no for an answer. Music, fashion, and art are all there. Why is there such a gap between young adults, women especially, and access to intricate furniture?  The objects and designs within our four walls are the first sights we see waking up and the last perspectives before calling it a night. There should be an accurate interior representation of the fun, witty, and sophisticated dreamers we are.

Here are 3 reasons why this generation of shot-callers do not have easy access to furniture and home accessories that they ultimately want.

1. Money. When we think about our dream bedroom set or the bomb sofa we found on Pinterest that would be perfect for our apartments, we immediately assume it costs thousands of dollars. Take this Whitby sectional for example, it’s blush pink (a sofa color that only exists in our imaginations, not at our local Ashley’s Furniture store) and fluffy enough to make nap time last for hours. Oh, and it’s €2270 (which is even more in U.S. dollars).


2. Accessibility. It’s down-right hard to find. The sofa pictured above and those alike are typically only sold in Europe, which brings me to my next point. Ideal furniture DOES exist, but are nine times out of ten exclusively sold in overseas. You could also go through the trouble and expenses of creating it from top to bottom yourself. There aren’t many of us willing to pay more than about $1,500 for a sofa, especially one that isn’t accessible to test out in person.

3. Playing it safe. Personal style isn’t developed overnight – nor should it be. Home decor can be a big investment, it’s natural for us to feel indifferent about important decisions in general, but especially those revolving around our home. Many mainstream brands play it safe by selling primarily white, black, or beige colored sofas/accessories. Beige is plain boring and as a generation we do not play it safe.

Furniture is one aspect of our decorative lives that is often unintentionally swept under the rug and shouldn’t be. When in tact, the space around us has the power to brighten any mood. It is perfectly normal to want what you want in any color, texture, or design that you want it in. The era of young creativity should not leave behind the endless possibilities of home design as it relates to us.
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  1. All great points. I always find myself clutching my purse when I’m decorating.

    1. You’re not alone Toni, and it shouldn’t be that way!

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