Unexpected Ways to Add Pink to a Space

In terms of color pink has been redefining sophistication as we know it. Its moment is unapologetically bringing back all shades of pink in fashion, beauty, and homes. I can remember as a child when pink was never taken seriously. It represented girliness and an inability to play with the boys at recess. But the flexibility of the color dates back to the 1700s and (get this) was originally worn by men. That said, the color never rejected masculinity and was never too feminine. It’s neutral, folks.

Now I could go on and on about Glossier’s pink themed skincare products or celebs like Solange who KILL IT every time they wear pink, but there’s a more interesting topic up for discussion. What gets me going is the creative ways pink can be incorporated into homes.

This is arguably my favorite kitchen juxtaposition ever. The pale pink and black cabinets create a surprisingly balanced space that makes perfect sense. The open shelving painted the same color as the walls is a genius way to add solidity to a bold design.

Any couch that goes against the norm is alright in my book. This pink sofa (ha!) in particular seals the deal. Its neutral tone allows flexibility when choosing pillow or rug accents. The overall theme of the room is left completely up to you.

The charm and character that pink adds to this already classic front door is undeniable. The dusty rose shade can compliment any exterior color and make an instantly inviting doorway area.

Here’s another representation of perfect juxtaposition, except this time with a rug that I absolutely need. Pink headboards can be tricky and dauntingly hard to find, but when I imagine the perfect one it looks something like this.

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  1. Ok yea … I’m digging that pink door. Who knew?!

  2. Pink is my favorite color! I love all of these accents so much 🙂

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