Fiery and Chic Martial Arts Studio: Paint Color Reveal

Photo by Diedra Cole


So my recent lack in posting was definitely unintentional – senior year of college has been kicking my butt. Since launching the blog, a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders, as the long nights of watching ‘how to build a website’ tutorials on YouTube and hassling my boyfriend to add complicated coding is finally over (he’s the best). Oddly though, an unforeseen feeling of stagnation and fear of failure began to settle in. Thoughts of ‘what if only two people read regularly?’ and ‘what if no one finds the Pinksofa concept interesting?’ blocked my eagerness to promote and post. I’ve read that these are common follow-up thoughts after publishing a blog (or stepping outside of your comfort zone in general). I was surprised and grateful to have received so much support and feedback from people who I don’t even know, you guys. That realization alone lifted me out of that short-lived negative space and motivated me to do what I love – design.

That’s right, my hiatus hasn’t been completely unproductive. Outside of school and interning, I took on a new project I call “Fiery and Chic”. Its a clean, small, and personal women’s self-defense studio, DYC Martial Arts. The owner and instructor, also my mom, earned her black belt at just 16! Needless to say, this space is a dream come true for her – and I’m so honored that she’s put its style and decorative energy in my hands.


Still in the very early stages, the “Fiery and Chic” series will unravel the chosen design ideas and updates. So far, the paint color of choice is the first thing checked off the list. The options were either chalkboard black or fiery red. Upon viewing the colors in Home Depot, it only took a second before I naturally gravitated to the brightest of reds.


I figured sense I was only going to be painting a small portion of one wall, the shade of red named ‘100 Mph’ would make the proper statement. It summed up vital components of the studio – strength, boldness, and a fiery spirit.

I chose the Semi-Gloss Enamel Interior paint by Behr. After pouring it onto the tray, the color was even more (bright) than I expected.


It was the exact ‘100 Mph’ I had envisioned. It offsets the surrounding crisp white in a way that makes the accent wall the only necessary pop of color.


My mom’s workout equipment and accessories match the color to a T (more on that soon). At DYC Martial Arts, women will learn self-defense while surrounded by peaceful elements perfect for personal one-on-one training and focus.

‘100 Mph’ is about as bold as the studio is going to get. From here on, details added will be minimal and chic. I’ll be on the search for an elegant desk, chair, rug, mirrors, and small accents, so please let me know of any great, affordable websites to check out.




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  1. Thank you Pink Sofa! You did an Amazing job with the choice of color and painting the wall. I am super excited and can hardly wait to see what you come up with next. You definitely are a visionary and I will stay out your lane and let you do your thing. I’ll stick to teaching the karate. 😘
    DYC Martial Arts (Mom)

  2. Beautiful bold color!!

    1. Thanks Joni! I definitely agree.

  3. Congratulations Tiara on Pinksofa, I see great success for you! Love the color!

  4. This color is awesome for a martial arts studio!

    1. Thanks so much, it really is!

  5. I really love this, so effective <3

    1. Thanks Claire! Stay tuned for more 🙂

  6. Andrea Broom says: Reply

    wow, the red really does make a difference it makes the room pop so much.! Congrats 🙂

    1. Thanks Andrea, I’m so glad we went with red!

  7. That is such a beautiful color and I love it against the white.

    1. Me too, Megan! It’s the exact pop of color the space needed!

  8. I’m happy to hear that your spirits are lifted! Don’t stop writing I can totally relate when it comes to feeling discouraged about your craft. I love what you did with wall “100 mph” was an excellent choice in paint! Keep at it don’t ever second guess yourself, you’re amazing! ❤️

    1. Thanks so much Patricia, its great to know that you can relate. I certainly will keep at it!

  9. Great job and I think you made the right choice of color!

  10. Cool!! I’m not sure why but when I think martial arts I think bright red or black! Colors look perfect. Would love to see photos of the whole studio!

    1. Thanks Katie, I think of those two colors too. I’ll be sure to show more photos of the whole studio!

  11. Wow! That color really pop. I love it, great job!

    1. Thanks so much Ms. Dana! Miss you!

  12. Wow what a great red!

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