Must-Have Everyday Shoes For Spring

Spring has arrived and the countdown to summer just got easier. There’s officially more daylight after 6pm and less profuse wind chills. For Milwaukee, my hometown, Spring means snow has melted and slowly thereafter the transition from heavy winter coats to light trenches will take place. In Atlanta, my new home, Spring is a continuation of 75-80 degree weather and southern charm greenery (and refreshing occasional rain).

One of the most important parts of the season is the anticipation of amping up the shoe game. This doesn’t mean trash ones you already own, but giving them a spring spruce-up or adding more to the collection will definitely take things up a notch. Heels are often the focal point – and rightfully so – but let’s be honest, I only wear them for special occasions and you probably do too. With all the attention on heels nowadays, here’s a friendly reminder that everyday, “realistic” shoes still slay. I typically wear cute sandals and whatnot this time of year, but I’m kicking things into high gear this season with statement-making, oldie but goodie everyday shoes.

Subtlety is the goal this Spring. What shoe style are you going for?














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