Pillow Talk

Pillows alone can amplify a blank space.


A friend of mine has been living in her spacious, updated apartment for some time now. Her bedroom is in order and decorated to a T, but the main living space was a different story. It was plain jane. She’ll be moving soon, so the empty area didn’t bother her – but I could not leave without adding some simple finishing touches before her lease is up. We didn’t want to make any major changes, so I decided to put the power of just pillows (and a great rug) to action.

Here’s the before:

There were already two amazingly large windows waiting to shine natural light on a decorated space.







The sofa is a gorgeous deep silver so to bring out the subtlety, I made silver the focal point by adding a textured silver pillow and a soft white and silver rug. We utilized a Victoria Secret blanket that she already had lying around as a throw blanket which compliments the pink accent pillow. The soft blue pillow serves as an offset to the gray and silver theme and the fluffy white pillow ties everything together. As I was throwing items in the cart, my friend was worried that all the colors would not mutually agree. Turns out, she loves the finished product.

If you’re on a budget, but need items for your plain space, make pillows your decorative choice. You can shop them here.

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