Watercolor Walls That Will Make You Smile

Wall designs prior to 2017 were great. I personally loved the 2015 emphasis on pastel colors and the versatility of cozy spaces. But those safe beiges are in the rearview mirror, as colorful wall designs are projected to be a staple in millennial homes this year. With so much chaos in the world we all could use an inspiring living space. People are becoming increasingly aware of how colors affect their mood and the overall vibe of their surroundings. In this Wall Tea, one color just isn’t enough.



Waking up to blue skies might be the real American dream



How could anyone not feel inspired by this watercolor wall? Summer year round anyone?



Design studio Masquespacio completely restored a neoclassical school in Valencia and gave each classroom a colorful twist. Learning made easy.



Yellow is guaranteed to brighten the mood every time, in any shade.



A cup of tea and a juicy novel would complete this dusty pink watercolor wallpaper for just $35.


Talented artists at Murals Wallpaper created an abstract masterpiece. The dark to light ombre makes for a unique and solace space.


Does it require a certain level of braveness to incorporate watercolor walls?

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  1. This is a neat trend. I especially like the last two pics. I’d definitely try a watercolor treatment especially in a designated creative or leisure space in my home.

    1. Thank you! I agree, the last one is my favorite

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